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About Sweden

Sweden is one of the nothernmost countries in Europe, based in Scandinavia inbetween Norway and Finland. The population of Sweden is about 10 million people and Sweden is known as a welfare country where the people lives happy and safe.

The swedish people pays quite high taxes. But the taxes pays off. In sweden does parents have the possibilitiy to go on maternityleave for over a year. And theres also some days that is especially for the dad to be at home with the kids, which is quite unique for sweden. The swedes is also covered by free healthcare and schools, even at universitylevel.

How big is the population of Sweden?

The population of Sweden did just pass 10 million people and is rapidlly growing. Statitics predicts that the population will grow with another million in the nearest ten years. That is based both on facts about that a lot of people are born, people live longer, survives more illness and of course the immigration. More about the population growth and the studies can be found here.

What currency is used in Sweden?

Sweden is part of the Europeian union but ain´t using Euros as currecy, in sweden the currency is Swedish krona. 100 swedish kronas is about 11$, 10.45€ or 8.9£.

How´s the Swedish climate?

Sweden has four seasons, but the weather can be quite different from north to south. The seasons is summer, fall, winter and spring. During the summer the climate is good and a good swedish summer contains a lot of sunny days and tempratures above 20 degress celcius, the winter is cold and snowy and fall and spring is quite varying, sometimes the summer starts early and some is the winter struggling all way to april.

What to do in Sweden?

The nothernmost parts of sweden has midnight sun in the summertime, which means that the sun never sets, a very faschinating phenomenon that attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. In the winter is the opposite happening, the sun is never rising, so the days in the northen parts of sweden is dark all over during winter and long and bright during the summer. 

In the northen parts can you also find a lot of faschinating nature, mountains and mires with a lot of beautiful vegetation and animals. When you travel more south you will find a lot of lakes, cottages and a stunning landscape. Sweden also got a beautiful coastline and lovley archeplagos which is great to visit during summertime. 

In the winter sweden also offers good skiing. Swedens capital Stockholm is a beautiful city with a lot of history, shopping, dining and strolling possibilities. So is Gothenburg and Malmo as well.

Where to shop in Sweden?

In Sweden you will find a lot of stores and brands in and around the cities. Online-shopping or E-handel is also very popular in Sweden. For example the big Swedish brands such as the clothing company H&M  or the furniture specialists DPJ kontorsmobler and IKEA got established and functional onlineshopping-solutions.

What is fika?

Fika is a Swedish word that don´t really got a english  equivalet. A fika is more or less coffe with chosen pastries. When you´re in Sweden you have to Fika a lot. The Swedish phenomenom fika is known all over. No other country loves their coffe and pastries as the swedes do. 

In Sweden there are fikabreaks at work usually two times a day, and when the swedes meet up their friends fika is the perfect way to hang out. So swing by the nearest cafe or bakery for a fika during your next visit.

A democratic country

Sweden is a democratic country which has an election every fourth year. In the election is everyone older than 18 years allowed to vote. The election is both on a local and regional level, you vote both for the parliament and for the muncipal.